Our Story - 99things

Our Story - 99things - 99things

Welcome to 99 things. 

From Swiss talents to internationally acclaimed designers, we’re giving independent creatives a platform to share their unique voices.

By hand-selecting each brand we work with, our team is helping to highlight everything from contemporary fashion and fine jewellery to clean beauty and lifestyle products from around the globe.

We believe less is more: Buy better and live more. 

99things is where innovators from all corners of the world connect to share their stories, passions, and creativity as they present their one-of-a-kind products founded on a dedication to high-quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices. 

Our brands are unique and inspiring, and many are available in Switzerland for the first time ever.

Independent Talent. Mindful Style. Zero Greenwashing. 

We like to know who our brands are and what they stand for, and we know you do, too. At 99things, you’ll meet brands that share your values and convictions, whose products aren’t just simply outstanding— they’re relevant to you & your world.

99things is all about expressing who you are and what you believe in. We aim to facilitate like-minded connections by bringing people together, our clients, and our designers, both online and IRL, via workshops, pop-up events, and more.

Are you ready to #Join99things?

Our team is composed of members of different backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, ages, and senses of humour, and together, we are learning new and exciting things every day. 

We love what we do and are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far. Whether you are a designer or independent brand looking for a new home, have discovered a new brand you love or have a friend who is an artist or designer and you think he would feel at home at 99things.ch please get in touch.
We are just one message away. 

A new way of doing business.

We believe in honest human interactions, making true connections, keeping our word, and staying true to yourself. This is reflected in all aspects of 99things.ch: from the way we do business to the way we interact with our community, creative  partners and our clients. We are not perfect and our team will make mistakes but one thing is sure - we will always try to do everything we do with all our heart. 

P.S This is just the beginning of our story, and we’re honoured to have you along for the ride! Wishing you all a wonderful 2023,  full of adventures, love and meaningful connections.

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